Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ahhhhh! I forgot!

Whoops! Yesterday I wasn't home at all...I took pictures, but I was gone straight through! (mind you this isn't any different from other days, just different happenings) I worked in the morning, went straight to pick up Sierra and Josh from school, helped with an after-school popsicle fundraiser, traded cars with Mark, got gas, grabbed a snack for the kids at the grocery store, headed to Antioch for Sierra's doctor appointment, headed straight to Liberty High School for Mark's track meet, and then we all got home around 7:30pm where we ate, bathed the kids/put them in bed, and then Mark and I sat down for our traditional watching "24", meanwhile me dodging upstairs to throw in loads of laundry(still unfolded and waiting for the magical day they are done on their own!). Mark fell asleep through the whole show...he was all tuckered out!! Because you know, yelling at a bunch of 6th-8th graders who are supposed to be running takes a LOT of energy! haha. I'm proud of him for doing a great job...especially since no one else would do it!'s my pic for's nothing special, just a reminder of my "maiden" days! (It's my maiden name on the truck (c; ) I saw it across the parking lot while I was at work, grabbed my camera and ran out...I'm sure I looked completly dorky rushing to take a picture of a big truck...oh well, no one knows that I'm going to be famous someday by some interesting picture I took that at the time was meaningless but later became monumental(sp?). "Riiiighhhht"(Cronk's voice). Ok, I'm going now. Hopefully I can post TODAY's pic by tonight when I get home late from work! Ta-ta!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

quick note

I forgot to say in my last post. Julie informed me that "Blog" is short for Web Log. I still think it's a dumb word... :)

Tired Tuesday (Day #4)

I'm so tiiiiiired. So tired, that my muscles ache because I'm typing. I did have a story to tell.....ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....I think I fell asleep. I'm posting my pic. of the day and going to bed (I'll have to write tomorrow!) My pic today is of some girls at work and I. It took us almost 20 times of jumping to actually get us all in the air and have the camera "click" at the right time....and on this one the girl's face who you can't see(who happens to be next to me) tangled her leg with mine and we came down hard on our knees. Good thing we got it on the last one, I couldn't move for a little while after that one(I'm old!) Well, I'm off to bed before my head hits the keyboard! Goodnight!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Day #3

Monday's are always exhausting...if there was a day I could do without, it would be this one! It's the day I do the schedule for work on top of working. Which means I bring home work with me and nobody likes that! Anyone know of any good jobs out there? I'm looking!

Sierra was in a mood today, she started off in a bad mood and when I picked them up from school she started from where she left off of! Josh was just Josh, but he did take the opportunity for Sierra being an easy target for antagonizing! But I do have to say, as crazy as Monday's are (and I even start dreading them starting Sunday afternoons) today was one of my more easy going only because I was a little more on top of my game. It didn't stop my boss from finding things wrong or from people quitting...but it did make me happy that despite all that, I got to pick up my kids from school and actually be at home with them (unlike last year). So, today, I'm happy for that.

So my pics (I'm cheating and doing 2!) is Sierra's mood this morning...and tonight. Hopefully she'll be happier tomorrow!! :) I think I'll go sneak in her room after this and snuggle her...Till tomorrow!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Day #2 Getting ready for church

The title says Day#2 but really, I started this sometime around 1am this morning. So I am actually doing a double-day, but who's paying attention anyway! I'm needing to do more for my own guilt riddled soul, but I do have a secret passion for writing!

So today I was getting ready for church, brushing my teeth, Mark in the shower next to me. He very non-chalantly says "Jen, hand me my toothbrush and the toothpaste, please". (????)

I obviously answered in my exagerrated tone "Uh, excuse me? Are you planning on scrubbing the shower floor?" (which is currently gross I might add, those "scrubbing bubble shower cleaners" don't work)

"No, I want to brush my teeth", he answers as if I should know and that he's been doing it all of our almost ten years of marriage.

"Since when do you brush your teeth in the shower?" I wait for the answer KNOWING this will turn into one of those dumb silly arguments because Mark really won't have a good reason but in his mind, he has to have is a bit strange after all and Mark always has a good reason for everything he does.

Mark's reply, "I'm already in here, I might as well get it done and be done with it, save time."

(???? again) "Done? Save what time?" So now I'm intrigued and wanting to bug him further because I just think this is silly (and hindsight, it's dumb!) "Who brushes their teeth in the shower?"

Mark: "Everyone! Lots of people."

Jen: "Lots of people? What?! In all of ten years of marriage, you haven't brushed your teeth in the shower, yet today you are embarking on a new timesaving idea AND EVERYONE does it as well. You are very strange, you know that?"

He didn't reply...I started to laugh, mostly at myself for knowing that this is just a "Markism". He does this in other areas in life too, he cracks me up. Sometimes, of course, it is annoying or even costly, but mostly just funny. He loves to appear like he knows just what he's doing and that he's been doing/planning it all along. I guess you can say he's a man with confidence going boldly where EVERYONE has gone(in this case anyway), haha.

So to top it off I finished off with the clencher question (and again, I did this for my selfish amusement) "Sooooo, who do you know that brushes their teeth in the shower?"

Pause....."Uh, No one actually" as he chuckles at himself.

Ok, so I do remember WAY WAY back when, I had a roomate that brushed her teeth in the shower...but...that's the only person I knew. And I thought that was strange.(sorry to those in advance who brush their teeth in the shower!)

So my picture for the day is of Josh...silly Josh, always doing something goofy and not even knowing it! I took the picture trying to capture his shirt and the amazing button job he did. I teased him...there is something about getting ready in the morning for Josh; losing his shoes I placed right in front of him to put on, losing his socks after he finds the shoes, putting toothpaste on the toothbrush and stares at it forgetting it should go into his mouth to get the full effect (and you think I'm joking!) He is quite the character! So today, he had his shoes, socks, pants, (boxers that he begged for!) and his shirt ALL on! YEAH!...and then I saw his shirt and laughed...he still didn't get it when I pointed it out but had fun posing for the camera several times! OK, I'm done. GOODNIGHT! (Julie, I'm assuming you are fast asleep at this point but will be up shortly and read it as I'm going to sleep! haha)
PS The shirt is puckered at the bottom and quite tall at the top(he has the collar standing straight up)

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Scary....what do I say?

Well...this is my attempt at starting to journal I guess. I have always wanted to and yet to date sadly I admit my children's lives aren't being recorded in a way I would feel adequate. So, here it is. I wanted to do something I hope would be easy, accessible, enjoyable, yadda yadda yada. I don't want to procrastinate any longer since all these wonderful sites make it TOO easy. So no more excuses for me....and then of course lets just see how often I add to it. Here we go with our "crazy up-side-down-ways" life I have so fittingly named this journal (I refuse to say blog, I think it's such a weird word, who thought of it anyway?) For what it's worth, and I'm sure very few will actually see this, ENJOY...

PS I have already found something I don't like about this, it doesn't let me use exclamation points...something very much needed in life...I must find a substitute since I just deleted 7 of them, eeeer.