Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1 year, Remembering

I didn't get around to that post I wanted to post...life is sadly busy that even my computer goes 5-6 days without being turned on (!!!) This is very unlike me but such is life when it gets busy-- And today kind of puts that into perspective a little for me, although it shouldn't have to.
It's been tough for me this past week, coming up on this day, and I'm not quite sure why. I should be happy and counting my blessings- and I am! believe me - but part of me still hasn't dealt with it in a sense- but I'm sure that will happen one of these years whether I want to or not. As for Mark, since he has no real recollection of the actual accident, today he was with Josh, Jeff and our neighbors fishing on the Stanislaus River. I had to pretend he wasn't there all day...on a river. I'm a wimp....

And so I'm at a loss for words, what do you say? I guess just this: What a blessing and miracle.

**Pictures Above**- Rescuers bringing Mark up on stretcher out of the water, Allan(pulled Mark from the river) getting an award from SacMetro Fire Dept., and our nurse who pulled us through those first few days who didn't put up with Mark's crap :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Another day...another day....

New updates eventually...I swear! If I didn't have to get more of that thing called money that somehow rules our lives, I would blog A LOT MORE...and go to the beach...and go swimming....and try teaching Josh how to ride without crashing...and go on more hot chocolate dates with my kids....and rub my husbands feet(HA!)....and and and...so... when I get a breather, I'll update on all the latest. And as usual we got some good ol' injury and accidents to report. It wouldn't be us if we didn't! But I spose if I was home more, we would have more injuries and accidents...here's looking at the brightside!!
Hopefully soon....

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Addendum to the Addendum...

Anyone want to trade places with me right now? Please?! Haha. Well, first off, Josh got his lovely stitches out, Whoohoo! I have to say, the stitches actually going in were easier than the stitches coming out! Seriously! Several of them were extremly tight and a few had skin overgrown on them. Poor guy, he cried and wanted to run! He had begged me previously to do it but I'm so glad we hadn't...I would have had to take him in after starting the whole procedure and admit to playing nurse! I'm just glad it wasn't me making him cry in the end...

And for the last "addendem" (the BIG one anyway), well....here's a few pics that speak volumes about how I feel right now...

See this nice spacious room? Looks kinda like a maternity suite, doesn't it? And no, my daughter on the bed is NOT having a baby (nor she better anytime soon, I think my brain would officially call it quits). But if you look on the "couch" to the right, there's a man laying there (and NO, he isn't in labor) and this is not a maternity suite. This is.....

If you haven't seen the insides of the new rooms at the Kaiser Hospital in Brentwood/Antioch, Mark can show you around! They are not only spacious, they are private AND have plasma screen T.V's with cable! (we don't have cable at home so we go to hospital's to watch). He felt he should keep his tour going of all emergency and hospital rooms, we'll soon be writing a book about how they each rate, just like hotel's. We are quite qualified with much experience, we feel it will help others out immensly in choosing which hospital they'd rather stay at and recieve optimal care.

If you aren't detecting sarcasm, well, then you need my life. haha. Yes, Mark really is in the hospital and NO, we aren't their just to watch TV. I would LOVE to tell you why he is there but we are honestly still trying to figure that one out. Kaiser hasn't changed much in the "doing" sense, so we are REALLY REALLY missing our Pittsburgh doctors right now! Mark is hopefully due to get out tomorrow morning(a deal he talked the doctors into) granted he keeps food down with no accompanying pain. He will do remaining tests on an out patient basis if he does get out. Oh, and why we went in? Mark started having pains a few days ago(much like the ones back in June when things started to go south again) but at about 2am Friday morning it became extreme, he started running a fever, he threw up, and I took him in. He's gotten LOTS of pain meds (dilodid, his fav.) and now he's dying to get out since they aren't doing anything. Same old story...so, the offer is out there...anyone want to trade lives with me? Huh, huh? Just for one day?! J/K I honestly wouldn't for the world. I would just like to go to bed...so...Good night!

PS! I almost forgot! After several months of job searching with no luck whatsoever, I finally got one(!!!) and started on Thursday...only to call in sick on Friday(the day Mark went in), and got a call on Friday from another company for an interview. Isn't life ironic? Don't ya think?
PPSS HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be sharing hospital food with Mark, aren't we SOOOO romantic?!! Lol

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Addendum to "Medical Blah-blah-blah's"

I figure I will always be playing catch up with these posts, never quite finishing. But then again, they are awfully long! Well...this one had to be posted :)

I failed to mention 2 posts ago that the day after Mark sliced his finger, Sierra slammed her thumb in the car door while on the way to Reno for my cousins wedding (the one we were supposed to be at the night BEFORE but due to Mark's slice and dice job on his finger, we had to wait). Lcuky for us, if you can call it that, we were at a rest stop somewhere in Tahoe and there was PLENTY of snow still on the ground. So I quickly grabbed a ziploc baggie--yes I keep them handy for unexpected things such as this--and stuffed it with the snow. Sierra's finger swelled up turning wonderful mood ring colors. I could tell her nail had taken the brunt, especially because it took her a minute to realize she had done it, then another minute because she thought the door was locked! I felt bad for her. Her nail finally fell off the other day :) And funny I didn't take a picture! That's my weirdness, tracking all the wonderful mishaps of our life! Well...here's the latest medical mishap:

A baseball bat to the face, pending x-rays for a broken jaw, a permanent tooth shoved upward and 8 stitches later, Josh has decided he doesn't EVER want to play baseball...not that he was even playing in the first place! But we told him if it wasn't the bat, it would've been a golf club or a tennis racket! (both sports he is either playing or wanting to start). And as Josh goes, he freaks out at cotton swabs being dabbed on his cheek....so you can imagine the horror and upset he felt as he found out he had to get stitches. After wrapping him in a sheet and all of us holding him, they injected the numbing meds and after that Josh was fine! That is by far the biggest miracle for Josh, we are very very proud of him. And so, I'm exhausted. I didn't finish my last entry but that will be another day as usual. For now, I need to go lay out our bubble suits for tomorrow, haha.

Monday, April 28, 2008

He is NOT a Rocket Scientist...But He Thinks He Is!

I'm starting to realize how very good I am NOT at this blogging thing! I enjoy blogging to an extent (I finally admit it). I just wish I had the energy/time to keep it going. If I wasn't spending 4-6 hours a day job searching/posting, I might like my computer a little more :) So, here goes the update for the month...

I'm thinking Mark thinks he is a rocket scientist or that because he is a science teacher this somehow entitles him to "experiments"...yet they aren't ones that take place IN the classroom and sometimes he isn't even trying, it just happens! But he MUST do these things just the same. For instance, while camping with friends in March, Mark got wind that they had dry ice in their cooler. I'm sure you can see where this is going. Mark pulled out pieces of dry ice and got some empty water bottles because he wanted to try and make a dry ice bomb (and because I don't want other "children onlookers" to know, I'll leave out the "how-to" part). All the kids were surrounded and going nuts with anticipation. Not only did it work, IT WAS LOUD! And the kids LOVED it, couldn't wait for Mark to do another. Mind you, one of these kids IS a student of his...I thought it wasn't the best idea. But, Mark wanted to do another just to see if he could make it louder. Of course he suceeded. While it did detroy the bottle into twisted plastic, nothing catastrophic happened (although admittedly I thought something would!)
Later on Mark was cooking when suddenly the stove caught fire. The flame started creeping down the pipe towards the propane tank! While I blew furiously to try and keep the flame from making it's way down the pipe, Mark madly unscrewed the propane and the fire was out. So like I said, whether or not we plan these types of things, they happen to us. I couldn't help but think our campground could have become "a rocket". Here's some fun pics of the trip...we had a blast!!

Well, I'll have to post the other things later...as usually, something came up! That's our crazy life for now!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Medical Blah blah blah's

So we have actually been technically "medically free" since we have been home (I don't count getting blood drawn each week). Yes, we've had the occasional follow up appointments, but nothing serious, which is great! It's funny that about mid February it hit both Mark and I at seperate times:

...something is missing? No...something is different....there's a void...no....it's not quite a void...what the heck is it?.....

And the lightbulb turned on. We haven't had any major hospital trips! Now, why this may sound silly, for us it took a few months of "regular life" to actually see what we were missing! Aaaahhh, the peacefulness! :)

But that kind of ended in the past 2 days. ALTHOUGH! I can say I'll take these events WAY over any of the others this summer...and really...I'm not complaining. It's actually nice to have different medical things. I think there's something wrong with me :)

Anyhoo, to the point. Last Friday I was handed a note from the elementary office saying Josh failed the hearing test, his left ear only. I wasn't surprised and even chuckled since he's had this hearing loss since before Kindergarten and somehow he slipped through (previous ear injury). Although, it makes me think that maybe in those past tests Josh just raised his hand randomly, not really sure what to do, and got most of "them" right. Kind of like I did in middle school taking tests on the scan trons and filling in the bubbles randomly, sometimes I actually did ok! Anyway, it would so be a Josh thing to do :) Ok, so back to the story. The school requires you to visit the doctor to resolve the matter and we were overdue for a visit for his ear anyway. Now, the last visit (before Kindergarten) I left steaming mad due to what I felt was the doctor brushing me off. He said there wasn't anything they could do yet, surgery would only be done when he was probably around 10 years old. Until then (!!!!) Josh wouldn't be able to submerge his head under water at all! And sadly but not surprising my irritation got the better of me and I said sarcastically to the doctor "So, your telling me I'm going to have the only 10 year old who doesn't know how to swim because of a hole in his ear drum?" I thought it was kind of ridiculous that he wouldn't do the surgery. Now, in hind sight I feel like an idiot because knowing Josh's demeanor, there is wisdom in that advice; it takes an extremly compliant child for the recovery. And as some know, Josh can't even handle a que-tip swabbing his cheek without 3 doctors holding him down and him screaming madly as if they were sticking needles in his eyes!! And the maintenance after the surgery is vital and I know Josh wouldn't do it.

Ok...I'm getting sidetracked again. SO this time..the doctor came in, examined, with Josh being the most bravest yet in history and not even crying(!!!WHOOHOO!!!!) and delivered what I was expecting to be the same old story. Not so much. Josh developed scar tissue, the hole is bigger(?) and possibly two of the small bones that vibrate may be damaged. The doctor said "You'll either need to have surgery or..." Josh was hanging on that or..."You will need to get a hearing aid..." and Josh interjected "Hearing aid! I just need that, no surgery!" And the doctor then finished saying "And then we'll do the surgery when he's a little older". Josh's whole body slumped and he gave me the sad/scared eyes. What's funny is this surgery could be YEARS away and he will worry and talk about it until the day it happens...which will DRIVE ME CRAZY! I do sound like an unsympathtic mom but in my slight defense Josh is quite the melodramatic kid which can be exhausting! So, we will have another hearing test next week and make some decisions, all the while I will be talking with Josh about ALL the pro's and con's of each. He seems to understand those things at least!

Ok, one more medical mishap :) It's quick. Last week Mark came in from the garage saying "Uh, hey Jen? I think I need stitches". Mark had stabbed his finger while making Josh's pinewood derby. After taping it up really good, he decide not to go in and it healed nicely. So, today ........ I'm in a HUGE hurry, just getting home from doing a sidejob .....we are supposed to be leaving for Reno in a few hours for my cousins wedding. But because of a misunderstanding among scouting leaders who were out backpacking with the scouts, Mark and I needed to find a 3rd person, drive out to the beginning of the backpacking trail where they left the cars, and move them to another city where they would be ending up tomorrow. It was 4:30pm, the park gates close around 7pm (it takes a little over an hour to get there) and we aren't packed to be leaving for our Reno trip whatsoever. And where did I find Mark when I got home? In the garage fiddling with Josh's RC airplane. I was very proud of myself keeping my composure (haha), not even freaking out that we still needed to find another driver! I went inside for 3 seconds, went back outside to ask Mark to start finishing up. And a few moments before, he had finally gotten the motor/prop started for the first time, and I started to say something. Mark turned around and looked at me with a pale face and said "Uh, Jen...I need to go to the ER, I need to get stiches." (WHAT?!?!?!?) So I calmly went over to look thinking he said this last time and he was fine. Hmm, not so much this time. He got his pinky in the way and it sliced it three times right down the side...it was gross! And because he's on blood thinners, it was bleeding all over the place. So I got him some paper towels and sent him off to the Urgent Care. Now, I did find 2 other people to help move the cars after frantically calling all around, we got there with about 2 minutes to spare before they closed the gates. Mark was luckier, he went in, they superglued it and he was home within an hour! Argh! Oh well, at least it wasn't a weeklong stay this time (ha ha). We can be grateful for that :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Blogger I am not...

I'm obviously not good at keeping this up as I would have wished. I'll blame it on my busy life (which it is) but as Mark loves to remind me, you can do anything if you MAKE THE TIME! He's right! But that still doesn't help me :)

And I would like to say that there was many profound things that took place these last few months...so far I can only think of a few. And that is why I am blogging today (which I really shouldn't be!). But if Mark can go fishing and bikeriding with the kids, shouldn't I be able to feel guilt free about sitting down to the computer for a bit instead of doing the 20 loads of laundry and piled stinking dishes that have been awaiting my hands? Oh forget it!...here it goes...

So here is the first BIG event (in which I DO feel guilty about not sharing yet!). Josh was baptized WAY back on January 5th by Mark. While this is a very special occasion in any matter, this had even a greater meaning for our little family. Before leaving for Pennsylvania in October, Mark was most distraught over Josh's baptism. Not knowing if he would "make it", he didn't want to leave without taking care of this important event. But after a blessing, some prayers and Mark and I talking at length, Mark called his dad and my dad. He said in the event that he wasn't "here" for the baptism, he wanted his dad to baptize and my dad to confirm Josh. And so for obvious reasons, Mark being there preforming both was more than just a simple emotional response. It was an answer to prayers and hopes. It was an AMAZING day! And of course there was a "Mark" moment in all of it...Mark had cut his finger pretty badly earlier that same morning while hunting with Josh. So while getting himself and Josh dressed in WHITE, Mark's finger opened up and got ALL over Josh. So needless to say, Josh was already "wet" before entering that baptismal font! :)

And the above pictures are another WONDERFUL and AMAZING event that took place just this past Saturday night. This is Allan Peterson and his family. If you look back in my blog archive, I've written about Allan before. He is the man that was first to come to our aid when Mark drowned, he spotted and pulled Mark from the river. We finally got to meet with him and his family at a restaurant where we sat and talked for a few hours. I so VERY much wish I could post the entirety of that evening, but it would be pages long. And what I will write won't even do justice to the overwelming emotions and the immense gratitude we feel and felt during and after that dinner. What do you say to the man that saved your life, the very reason our family was still sitting all together talking with him? He and his wife shared their side of the story, details that we wouldn't have known, and the effects it had on them. It made the entire situation for us come full circle. We share an unusual bond now, Allan having saved a life and Mark alive sitting in front of him. Allan and his wife are the most humble people whom we owe so much to, and yet we feel we will never be able to repay.

We have always felt and known that Heavenly Father had his hand in that day, but it continues to become more and more prevalent as the months are passing. Mark and I are always pondering the "reasoning" for why it all happened, what was the greater purpose for it, but we are slowly seeing little bits and pieces of "why and how" over the months. All of these "peices" are different, showing us aspects in our lives that are important and humble us as we feel extremely blessed; blessed for the trials we've gone through, trials we've seen others go through and triumphantly never give up, people who have helped us, and people who influenced, inspired or changed us without even knowing, and mostly to our Heavenly Father who keeps "opening" these doors. I think I've blabbered enough (as usual)...we should apologize for the continuous "mushy-ness" of our blogs! Good thing we space them out! haha. Well, until next time (and hopefully not as long as the last time)....

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why let Jenn have all the fun???

I'm not sure if anyone is still reading this anymore, but I pulled up Jen's blog site and she is still logged on. I can't pass up this opportunity to bug her a little by adding some things to it without her permission.
To be honest I really can't say anymore then Jen already has in all of her post. She has a way with words when it comes to summing up our families adventures and thanking everyone that has been there to help us.
Our family is back into the full swing of routine life: going to work, school, running errands, kids arguing and bickering constantly, etc...I can say with all seriousness, with all of the adventures we've had this past year; life has gotten routine and boring again. Whether that's good or bad I don't know. I often think that we were better, more faithful ,and stronger individuals/family when we were pushing through our journey this past year. I know for me when life gets as easy as it has been this past month, it's way too easy for me to forget about what is really important. I tell myself that I'm going to do more, be more and try harder. But, when it comes down to it, the human in me takes the path of least resistance. I envy those that have a "doers" mentality and take action on their goals and things they believe in. So many people have touched and blessed my family this past year, I shouldn't and don't want any time for myself; I want to be giving back and serving others. Some how though, and sadly, I have pushed off this desire to go and do plenty of things for myself(like hunting every Saturday).
One thing I have procrastinated doing, but need to take the time to do(as Jen already has)is thank everyone just one more time. The biggest blessing our Heavenly Father has given our family is the gift of loving and supportive family members, friends, and a community. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for this. I literally wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for all of these people. I don't want to forget anyone so I won't thank any individual person, but know that I am grateful for each and everyone of you.
Anyway, this has become a book instead of the short irritating post on Jen's blog that I wanted it to be. It must be the Zoloft, it makes me get in touch with my inner emotions.