Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Addendum to "Medical Blah-blah-blah's"

I figure I will always be playing catch up with these posts, never quite finishing. But then again, they are awfully long! Well...this one had to be posted :)

I failed to mention 2 posts ago that the day after Mark sliced his finger, Sierra slammed her thumb in the car door while on the way to Reno for my cousins wedding (the one we were supposed to be at the night BEFORE but due to Mark's slice and dice job on his finger, we had to wait). Lcuky for us, if you can call it that, we were at a rest stop somewhere in Tahoe and there was PLENTY of snow still on the ground. So I quickly grabbed a ziploc baggie--yes I keep them handy for unexpected things such as this--and stuffed it with the snow. Sierra's finger swelled up turning wonderful mood ring colors. I could tell her nail had taken the brunt, especially because it took her a minute to realize she had done it, then another minute because she thought the door was locked! I felt bad for her. Her nail finally fell off the other day :) And funny I didn't take a picture! That's my weirdness, tracking all the wonderful mishaps of our life!'s the latest medical mishap:

A baseball bat to the face, pending x-rays for a broken jaw, a permanent tooth shoved upward and 8 stitches later, Josh has decided he doesn't EVER want to play baseball...not that he was even playing in the first place! But we told him if it wasn't the bat, it would've been a golf club or a tennis racket! (both sports he is either playing or wanting to start). And as Josh goes, he freaks out at cotton swabs being dabbed on his you can imagine the horror and upset he felt as he found out he had to get stitches. After wrapping him in a sheet and all of us holding him, they injected the numbing meds and after that Josh was fine! That is by far the biggest miracle for Josh, we are very very proud of him. And so, I'm exhausted. I didn't finish my last entry but that will be another day as usual. For now, I need to go lay out our bubble suits for tomorrow, haha.


Stacy & Michael B said...

DRAMA!!! I don't think your life would be normal without it!! Glad he's going to be okay though....good luck with the x-rays, hope all is well!

Catherine said...

Ewwwwww! There is no way I could ever work at a hospital!
My kids, on the other hand, keep going back to that close up of Josh and looking at the cut and the stitches. It grosses me out and I have to leave them analyzing his injury on their own.