Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1 year, Remembering

I didn't get around to that post I wanted to post...life is sadly busy that even my computer goes 5-6 days without being turned on (!!!) This is very unlike me but such is life when it gets busy-- And today kind of puts that into perspective a little for me, although it shouldn't have to.
It's been tough for me this past week, coming up on this day, and I'm not quite sure why. I should be happy and counting my blessings- and I am! believe me - but part of me still hasn't dealt with it in a sense- but I'm sure that will happen one of these years whether I want to or not. As for Mark, since he has no real recollection of the actual accident, today he was with Josh, Jeff and our neighbors fishing on the Stanislaus River. I had to pretend he wasn't there all day...on a river. I'm a wimp....

And so I'm at a loss for words, what do you say? I guess just this: What a blessing and miracle.

**Pictures Above**- Rescuers bringing Mark up on stretcher out of the water, Allan(pulled Mark from the river) getting an award from SacMetro Fire Dept., and our nurse who pulled us through those first few days who didn't put up with Mark's crap :)